Port Richey mother accused of abusing 7-month-old baby multiple times in hospital

TAMPA - Tampa Police said a woman seriously harmed her 7-month-old baby boy several times while at a hospital.

The baby was a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital under observation for seizures and sleep apnea.  As part of the observation, the boy was on video and audio monitoring.

The suspect, Violet Hinrichs, was observed on video on four occasions squeezing the victim until his heart rate and brain waves dropped to dangerous levels.  

Hospital staff noticed bruising to the child's neck and contacted police.  

Police said the child, Danny, can be seen on video struggling, flailing his arms, turning blue and ultimately becoming unresponsive. 

The child did not suffer any "seizures" when the suspect was not present and he hasn't suffered a "seizure" since separated from the suspect.

Detectives said 19-year-old Hinrichs, of Port Richey, admitted to the crime.

"That's my little sister, but if she did do that -- and I'm not saying she did, I don't know -- then she deserves what she's going to get," said Tiffany Coffey, her sister. "I can't accept that my little sister did that to my nephew."

The investigation is ongoing and there could be additional charges.

There is no indication at this point that the child has any medical condition relating to apnea or seizures.

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