Polling station lines continued to grow Friday with just one more day left to vote early

TAMPA, Fla. - The line outside the Platt Library polling station in South Tampa stayed about 100 people long throughout the afternoon Friday, with only one more day left to vote early.

"The voters have all been patient. They've also been very knowledgeable as well, so that helps expedite the process," explained Hillsborough Election Spokesman Travis Abercrombie.

The line is reminiscent of the 2008 presidential election, when 72% of Hillsborough County voters showed up.

"If we keep on the track we're going, we're on pace to meet or exceed that," Abercrombie said. "So, we're excited, and the voters are excited."

First-time voter, Italia Woodson, 19, certainly is excited.

"I really knew which president I wanted to vote for and that was my main focus," she said.

Election officials confirm, the heated presidential race takes credit for potentially record-breaking voter turn-out.

"It felt so good to just go out there and have a vote and make it count," said Woodson's friend, Lindsay Nixon, also a first-time voter.

However, there are several other races besides the presidential election, and those races are stumping even the most determined voters like Woodson, who admits she just voted for a woman whenever she felt unsure.

"I hope that the person I'm choosing doesn't do something I wouldn't agree with," she laughed. "I pray that doesn't happen."

She's not alone. Even after early voter, Dillon Speicher, voted Friday, he still couldn't really verbalize why he chose to vote for or against the twelve constitutional amendments.

"I mean some of them were just kind of, I mean, well, huh," Speicher said.

Speicher felt like the important part was that he showed up to vote, even if he was surprised, and a little annoyed, by the long line.

Good thing he didn't cross paths with fellow early voter, Nancy Kaliebe.

"It's our right. If we don't exercise our right, we may as well give up," said Kaliebe. "That's what this country is all about, freedom."

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