Police warning: Don't celebrate New Year's Eve with guns

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - If you are celebrating New Year's Eve tonight, police want you to avoid celebratory gunfire at all costs.  In the past two years, 2 people have been hit by bullets.

The two people were lucky to avoid being killed, but police want it to end before it even gets to that point.

A public service announcement from St. Petersburg Police is called "Don't Celebrate Guns," and that's exactly what they are trying to stop.  (Scroll down to watch the PSA.)

Fire chief Jim Lange and Police Chief Chuck Harmon already know it happens.

Last year, a 68-year-old St. Pete woman was celebrating New Year's Eve at the yacht club when she felt sharp pain, saw blood, and realized she had been hit by a large-caliber rifle round fired from some distance away.

And we can also never forget Diego Duran.  The 12-year-old was hit in the head by celebratory gunfire while celebrating the holiday two years ago in Ruskin.

He was in a coma at TGH, and is still suffering the effects.  And his family now passes their message for a "Bullet Free Sky."

"With this campaign," said Diego's mother, Sandy Duran, "we want to wake everybody else up.  We want to ask for their support.  Something link that can still put our child's life in danger, and it's a big wake-up call."

So, instead of firing a gun in the air, police are telling people to celebrate in different ways.  Just don't pick up a gun, thinking it's the right way to celebrate.

It can kill someone, and put you in jail.

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