Police still looking for answers in Easter Sunday shooting at Tampa park that left two dead

Gun used in shooting found, police say

TAMPA - As police continue to piece together what led to four people being shot a Tampa park on Easter Sunday, members of the community remain stunned.

Out at the park Monday morning, people were still talking about the chaos from the day before. Georgia Johnson, who lives just two houses away, would tell us, "I heard five shots."

The shooting took place on Easter Sunday at Al Barnes Park, just north of I-4 off 21st Ave and 31st Street.

According to police, it happened while families were out enjoying Easter Sunday.

An argument escalated. Guns were pulled out, and shots were fired. Two people were killed, 22-year-old  Nico Crawford and 17-year-old Zelmound Culpepper.

Two others, 21-year-old Danielle Allen and 27-year-old Ransom Flowers, were rushed to the hospital, where both are listed in stable condition.

A woman who did not want to be identified, would tell us she was there when it all happened, and it all started over an argument about driving a dirt bike. "All Nico wanted to do was to stop them from riding their dirt bikes," she would explain. "So the kids could have a good Easter."

The woman would say Crawford was trying to stop another young man from riding his dirt bike in the park while the kids were hunting for Easter eggs.

Things escalated and shots were fired, with Nico being fataly shot.

Those who live in the area say they are tired of the violence, "It hurts," said Nick Washington, who knew Crawford. "It hurts."

Police have arrest one man, 22-year-old man, Ronald Milliron. He was arrested near the park after officers learned he was carrying a gun. According to a police report, the gun was used in the shooting.

But as of noon Monday, Milliron had still not been charged in connection with the shooting at the park.

Police do say Milliron has been arrested and is facing other charges because he is a felon and he was carrying a gun.

Police are now asking the public for help.

Anyone who has any information on what happened and why, and of others who might be involved, is being asked to call Tampa Police. Crimes Stoppers is now also offering a reward of $3,000 for information related to the case.

Meanwhile those who live in the area, like Georgia Johnson, can only shake their head in disbelief, "They need to do something about the guns. How'd they get guns?"

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