Police search for three men who robbed Family Dollar at gunpoint

Tampa police are searching for three men who robbed a Family Dollar Store at gunpoint.  It happened at the store on North Nebraska Avenue, around 9 pm Wednesday night.


Employees were visibly shaken up by the crime, and they would not talk on camera. 


Surveillance video shows the men barging in and confronting two female employees.  The men, wearing black clothing and covering their faces demanded money.


The video shows workers opening a register, and the suspects finally leave.  The incident lasted about two minutes.


Erica Dye lives just 50 yards from the store and left moments before the men came in. 


She has known the employees for years now and says they are on edge. Dye said, "Physically, they're fine, but I guess it took a toll on them emotionally.  It scared them.  They're not talking very much. They're just upset more than anything."


Patricia Sapp shops at Family Dollar every week. She says the crime won't stop her from coming to the store. Sapp said, "Any place can get robbed. You're not safe anywhere now. You've just got to watch what's happening around you. Just be more aware."


Today, investigators found a t-shirt they believe one of the robbers left behind.


Police are going door-to-door and interviewing people in the area.  They have no suspects at this time.


If you have any information about this case, you're asked to call Tampa police at (813) 213-6130.

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