Police release surveillance video taken the night security officer was killed

Police need help idente man in video

TAMPA - Tonight, we're getting a first look at surveillance video from the apartment complex, where a security officer
Was killed the night before Thanksgiving.
Police say someone shot 38 year-old Michael Valentin  at the Grande Oaks Apartments, in Tampa. Investigators need your help identifying the man seen riding a bike, in surveillance video. It was captured the night Valentin was gunned down. The man, wearing a bandana and sun glasses, is not a suspect or a person of interest. Police say he may have seen something.
Meanwhile, at the Grande Oaks Apartments, two security officers and police are keeping a close eye out.

Vanessa Collins, who has lived there for a few months, says the crime has her on guard. Collins said, "I'm just real skeptical about you know, what i do now. I mean it's very sad you got to live like this."

Valentin was killed out front of the apartments on Thanksgiving eve. He had been on the job a month and worked for Critical Intervention Services, a private security firm. We're told investigators are interviewing witness, trying to get to the bottom of the incident. Casey Poulin is with Critical Intervention services. Poulin said, "Our officers are there 24 hours a day canvassing, talking to residents. Looking for evidence. We've done massive database searches within out databases."

Police say a bike was also found next to Valentin's body the night he died. They're hoping someone will recognize the guy in the video to see if he knows anything about why Michael Valentin was shot and killed on the job. Vanessa Collins is still trying to make sense of the crime. Collins said, "Why? What reason? He didn't deserve it. He probably had a nice family. Somebody to go home to. Love him. I know his family misses him. It's a special time."

We're told Valentin was wearing a bullet proof vest and had a gun on him when he was murdered. If you know who the man in the surveillance video is, you're asked to call the Tampa Police Department.

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