Police: Ex-boyfriend takes his 4-month-old baby at knifepoint from mother, stabs new boyfriend

TAMPA - A 4-month old baby is back in his mother's arms after the baby's father stabbed the mother's new boyfriend and stole the infant, according to the Tampa Police department.

Jainese Cruz, 20, was sitting in her home at the Courtney Cove Apartments on North Himes Avenue with her new boyfriend, 37-year-old Alexander Santiago.

Cruz heard a knock at the door about 11:30 p.m.Thursday and started to open it.

It was her child's father and now ex-boyfriend, 25-year-old Jorge Torres.

Torres, armed with a knife, pushed past her and demanded that she give him the baby.

Cruz' current boyfriend, Santiago, stood up and Torres stabbed him in the upper area of his back.

Torres grabbed the baby and fled from the apartment in an older model Honda vehicle.

Jainese Cruz did not want to speak to ABC Action News on camera, but she told our crew she says her ex did not want the baby to be raised by another man and was motivated by jealousy.

Neighbor Erica Cuevas heard the commotion and says she knew she did not want to get involved.

"I saw people running out of the house and saw my neighbor and he was in a lot of pain," Cuevas says.

Police began a search for Torres and the child. Family members gave police several addresses were Torres may have been hiding.

Police located the suspect and the child at 7316 S. Sherrill Street, which happened to be where a close family relative of Torres and Cruz lives, one they call their "uncle."

Rafael Cruz, "uncle," tells ABC Action News he came upon a seemingly crazy Jorge Torres.

"The way he was talking he needed some help. Something psychological, because he needs some help. He's way too confused," he said.

Cruz said Torres began talking about running to Boston, and needing money.

"He was talking about banks and crazy stuff, and I said, 'no don't do anything stupid. If you need money, I'll help you," Cruz said as he demanded Torres to hand over the baby.

Officers and family members arrived simultaneously. The family members ran toward the suspect and began punching him. Officers took the baby and placed the suspect under arrest. The baby was returned to the mother unharmed.

Her boyfriend, Santiago, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Torres was charged with burglary, aggravated battery, interference with child custody, battery, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest without violence.

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