Police charge two with child abuse for using stun gun to discipline 13-year-old

Tampa teen told teacher at school of punishment

TAMPA - Two people who agreed to take custody of a 13-year-old boy used a stun gun to discipline him, Tampa Police said.

Christopher Lewis and Amy Menifield were both charged with child abuse. Lewis was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon, because he had a 12-inch-long knife in his belt when arrested.

According to police, Lewis is the victim's relative and caretaker. Last week he purchased a stun gun.

Since that time, both suspects have been using the stun gun as a form of discipline against the victim.

The victim told a teacher at his school about the discipline and police officers were called out to the school to investigate. Officers say they noticed marks on the boy's upper thigh that were consistent with a stun gun being used.

Neighbor Frances Helms says she watches the victim and saw the marks on the boy's arms this week.  "It looked like a burn mark," said Helms.

"It's terrible, I would never treat a son of mine like that. It shouldn't be that way," added Helms.

Lewis claimed the victim was his brother and says he did not use a stun gun on the boy. "No, no, no I didn't," said Lewis.

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