Plane forced to make emergency landing at TIA

The FAA is looking into what forced an American Airlines flight to make an emergency landing Thursday at Tampa International Airport.
American Airlines says a piece that helps cool and heat the cabin malfunctioned and caused a smell of smoke passengers reported before the emergency landing.
"It was one of the craziest experiences I've ever went through in my life," passenger Tiffany Ramirez said.
It was supposed to be a short flight from Tallahassee to Miami, but it turned into a terrifying mid-air experience.
"It was extremely traumatic and (we) really did not know what was going to happen," Jessi Berrin said.
Not long into the flight, passengers described hearing a loud bang.
"All of the sudden we hear a pop, and I smelled smoke coming out of my air ventilation," Ramirez said.
The pilots immediately called for help.
Once the plane was safely on the ground Thursday night firefighters rushed on board.
Passengers were kept on board until firefighters said it was safe to taxi to the gate.
Some passengers decided to find another way to Miami.
"Definitely driving home. Never flying again," Jennifer Rosel said.
The flight was initially delayed two hours before taking off.
American Airlines said the delay has nothing to do with the emergency landing.
The FAA is investigating.
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