Pick Sarina's Oscar dress! Georgette's Boutique is providing the dresses and donating winner

Georgette Diaz opened her dress shop, Georgette's Boutique and Shoe Salon, nearly 30 years ago.
Oscar night, she is glued to the television.
"Everyone is holding their breath to see who is wearing what!" said Georgette. "It is the creme de le creme of fashion."
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And for years her store has mirrored what's on the red carpet. 
Now she and her daughter, Tasha, are doing it for us by choosing three very different dresses. 
"I think that is amazing because seldom do we people watching the Academy Awards get to vote on the favorite dresses," said Georgette.
What you decide will determine what I wear on the red carpet at the Tampa Theatre, a premiere spot every year to watch the awards on the big screen.
The first dress Georgette calls timeless: A platinum chiffon, designed by LaFemme, retailing for $438. It's a taste similar to what actress Kate Winslet has worn in the past
"It's just fresh beautiful," Georgette said.
They also chose a classic deep purple dress by Sheri Hill with a price tag of $298. When we asked which actress would lean towards this design, mother and daughter agree Angelina Jolie.
"Because there is a always a surprise element and in this case, it's backless," said Georgette.
And third there's a gown designed by Tony Bowls. It's green, a hot color this year. This gown retails for $550. 
"This would create a buzz on the Oscars red carpet for sure. It's classic meets bling for someone who wants both worlds," Tasha said.
She said someone like a Reese Witherspoon would wear this dress.
Tasha and Georgette are letting you decide.
Georgette's is donating the gown to the Belle of the Ball Project, a nonprofit that provides gowns for girls in need for prom and homecoming.
"We try to support the people in our community that support us, and we do feel the need to give back to our local charities," she said.
So which one is your favorite? Vote now on Facebook.
And, if you would like to help a girl in need, we are also taking donations for the Belle of the Ball Project. 
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