Photocopies and good record keeping are best ways to ensure Powerball office pool is legit

Legal experts: Keep all office pool evidence

TAMPA - While some focused on strategy for picking the winning Powerball numbers, many put their money on simple math -- office pools.

The more tickets, the better the odds of winning.

While office pools may increase your chances, they also come with a slightly greater risk. Legal experts say the key is good record keeping.

"Make sure you have evidence of the transaction. Make sure you have evidence of the tickets that were in the pool and make sure you have proof that you were one of the people in the pool," said James Giardina, Tampa Attorney.

An air conditioning and heating business in New Port Richey is one of the many bay area workplaces that started an office pool.

"The magical number is in here, I'm convinced," said Lynn Sweeney, Marketing Coordinator for the business.

The workers are relying on their magic charm.

"The owner's last name," Sweeney said.

Her name is Sue Millian, Owner of Millian-Aire Air Conditioning and Heating. Most of the workers pitched in money to buy 75 tickets.

"I think we're pretty organized, especially since we have the photocopies," she said. "I mean we all have these numbers at home and we can check these numbers."

Giardina said photocopies are the best evidence in court, in case the leader of the office pool goes rogue.

While they may be honest people, history has shown a half-billion-dollar paycheck may change their honesty.

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