Passengers at Tampa International Airport can expect to see more police and TSA agents

TAMPA - A shooting at LAX has prompted officials at TIA to take precautionary measures and up security throughout the airport.

Throughout the terminal, you will see more TSA behavioral detection officers at TSA checkpoints.  Checkpoints include the place where your identification is matched to your ticket.

TIA police will also have an increased presence.

"Let me start off by saying that most likely this is an isolated incident," said Janet Zink, TIA spokesperson.  "The airport is safe. 

"However, in an abundance of caution and to ease our passengers minds, what we are doing is increasing our police presence, Tampa International police presence throughout the whole terminal."

Zink said there is no threat against the airport.

Additionally, she said no flights have been impacted.

She expects the heightened security to remain through this evening and possibly into Saturday morning.

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