One tick bite can leave you allergic to meat

Lone Star tick can ruin a BBQ

You won’t find Daniel Marcantonio reaching in his refrigerator for meat.
"I'm going to miss bacon," he said.
Marcantonio can no longer eat meat after being bitten by the so-call lone star tick.
"Yah the throat closes up and I get hives everywhere," he said, describing the symptoms.
The lone star tick is so named because of the mark on its back. Just one bite can leave a person seriously allergic to meat. Marcantonio has been allergic for eight years.
It is so bad he has had to go to the hospital twice.
"Allergists and immunologist are saying they are seeing a skyrocketing in the number of cases of this," said Dr. James Orlowski at Florida Hospital.
Orlowski said not everyone has such a severe reaction and initial indications are it may not be permanent.
"It's an inconvenience more than anything else,” he said. “So far it has not appeared to be deadly."
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