One dead in deputy involved Lakeland shooting, multiple investigations underway

LAKELAND, Fla. - Multiple investigations are being conducted following a death in a deputy-involved shooting in Lakeland Friday.

The deceased has been identified as Sheldon Norman.

According to officials, a call was made to the Polk County Sheriff's Office from Paul Mangalleno. He said his wife, Jocelyn, said her brother, 21-year-old Norman, was going to kill himself.

Jocelyn was concerned about him and left work early to go to Lakeland and find him, while her husband Paul reported it.

Deputies responded to the Manganellos' Lakeland home and initiated a missing and endangered person report on Norman.

Some time later, Jocelyn found her brother Norman in Lakeland and asked him to get into her car.

He got in, she then contacted deputies to report that he she had him and he had guns in his possession. A Be On The Lookout was placed for the vehicle, and deputies were informed that Norman had active warrants and that he was armed.

Around 5:15 p.m., deputies spotted the car driving eastbound on Memorial Boulevard, approaching Ingraham Ave.

Deputies pulled the car over. Jocelyn put the car in park, then ran out of the vehicle.

Deputies got out of their car and approached the vehicle; Norman was still inside.

They noticed he was brandishing a firearm and he refused to lower the gun. Deputies then opened fire. Norman died at the scene.

The deputies involved in the shooting are identified as 43-year-old Tommy Dixon, 37-year-old Deputy Sheriff Aaron Motta and 28-year-old Deputy Sheriff Matthew Cromartie.

There are four independent investigations being conducted, including a criminal death investigation, a PCSO administrative investigation, an investigation by the State Attorney's Office, an autopsy and investigation by the Medical Examiner's Office. All three deputies have been placed on paid administrative leave, as standard protocol.



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