Occupy Tampa will likely remain in West Tampa Park during Republican National Convention

TAMPA - Occupy Tampa protestors will likely remain in place through the RNC, despite efforts to move the group from a West Tampa park.

Protestors moved to Voice of Freedom Park in January after the city forced them to leave downtown.  The West Tampa park is owned by strip club mogul Joe Redner.  He gave them an eviction notice, active September 15.

City council and neighbors have expressed concerns about sanitation and what might happen if thousands of other protestors join them during the RNC, in about ten days.

Thursday morning, councilman Frank Reddick questioned why its taken so long to come to a resolution, when code enforcement claims the group has long violated camping ordinances with their tents.

Code enforcement officials told council they have had to move slowly due to private property and First Amendment issues.  Having cited Occupy Tampa on August 14, code enforcement gave the group 21 days to comply with the citation.

That date is long after the RNC leaves town.

Occupy Tampa members plan to peacefully disperse on September 15, but not before then.  It appears city council has no choice but to allow them to do so.

City Council plans to hold a hearing for neighbors later this month.

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