iPhone stolen in armed robbery helps police locate suspects quickly.

Three men arrested at gas station in Wesley Chapel

TAMPA, Fla. -
"She managed to just get out, "Call 9-1-1, I've been robbed at gunpoint," recalled Kyle Gillespie when talking about his older sister.

Gillespie was sitting in the apartment he shares with his sister Amber when she burst in and told him she had been robbed while getting out of her car at the Eagles Point apartments.

"Then I saw the gun and they said, 'give me that', referring to my purse on my shoulder.  And I said 'Are you serious?'.  And they said 'Yeah'. And then they put the gun to my left temple here," Amber Gillespie recalled as she touched her left temple.

As the robbers fled the apartment complex, Amber was able to get a look at the black getaway car.

"I had really good details.  I had the license plate number, I had details of the car, descriptions of the people.  But the thing that actually led them directly to the criminals was the phone," she said.

The robbers stole Amber's iPhone along with her purse.  After learning this, a Tampa police officer asked her if she had the 'Find my iPhone' app on her phone.  In a matter of minutes,  Amber's phone was pinging a signal visible on the K-9 officer's iPhone.

The iPhone signal, being tracked by the 'Find my iPhone' app, led TPD officers to the BP station on SR 56 in Wesley Chapel.

And there, under the gas pump canopy was the black car with the matching plate that Amber had seen.  The three men inside the car were arrested and have been charged with armed robbery.  

"It wasn't until I actually saw all of my belongings coming out of the car that it sank in that this was actually what happened," Gillespie explained.

A victim of an armed robbery, Amber now has faith that there too, is an app for that.

"Not only did it get all of my stuff back to me, but criminals that don't belong on the street are now in custody," she said.

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