New park, restaurant and development transforming Tampa Heights neighborhood

Homeowners see all three as positive changes

TAMPA - Waterworks Park brought Mary Hopkins back to the neighborhood where she was raised.

"I think it's up and coming because they're redoing a lot of stuff. So I think they're making it better than what it was,” she said.

Tampa Heights is the city’s oldest neighborhood and now a center for new riverside development.

"There's only so much water in Tampa, so this is a prime location for new real estate, definitely,” said neighbor John Erickson.

Heather Frankel has lived here for 17 years. And she expects positive growth as the park draws new visitors.

"It's really the mix of architecture, the mix of people that's so great,” she said.

Tampa’s Old Trolley barn is under renovation as well to become commercial space. You can see scaffolding around the Tampa Armature Works building.

Ulele, the Columbia’s Richard Gonzmart’s new restaurant venture, is set to open within days.

"We'll be a destination restaurant. But once they come here to Ulele, they'll come back because there are beautiful sunsets. We have water views. There's the park next door, and I think what the mayor wants to do and what Richard Gonzmart wants to do is bring this neighborhood back to life,” said Ulele Chief Marketing Officer Michael Kilgore.

It's new life for one of Tampa’s gems.

"I think that's the best part of this is bringing people to Tampa Heights that didn't know where it was before,” said Frankel.

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