Mother of 15 -- with another on the way -- claims police brutality after police use stun gun on her

TAMPA, Fla. - She has 15 kids. Number 16 is due before summer starts. But these days, Angel Adams is claiming police brutality after Tampa police used a stun gun on her during a melee at her West Tampa Home.  

Last Tuesday Adams' house on Gray Street was awash in red and blue lights as Adams -- eight months pregnant with her 16th child -- was wheeled away on a stretcher after being subdued with an electronic control device by a TPD officer.
"The bottom line with the situation is this mother chose to put her unborn child at risk," said Tampa Police Spokesperson Laura McElroy.
This 39-year-old mom is no stranger to the system. Angel Adams was "all over the news" two years ago when she fought to regain custody of 12 of her youngest children after she was deemed unfit parent by the courts.
Monday, Angel was not in the mood to answer any questions when we visited her home days removed from an all-out fracas there.
"That would be a very good way to describe it," said McElroy.  "It was a knock down drag out fight."
McElroy went on to explain that a pair of Tampa Police officers attempted to question one of Angel's sons about a rock throwing incident when several family members -- including Angel, her 21-year-old daughter also named Angel and two 13-year-old children who we're not naming because of their age -- started attacking the officers.  
According to a police report, by the time backup was on the scene, Angel -- the mom -- was splayed face down kicking and screaming on the bed after trying to wrestle one of the officers.
"And she made that choice long before the officer the backup officer utilized his ECD from behind not knowing she was pregnant," said McElroy
Use of the electronic control device is highly regulated by police, but since the officer didn't know of her condition he wasn't reprimanded.
"This did not violate our policy," McElroy said.
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