Mother in jail for beating son after he got F on report card

TAMPA - Daymaris Vazquez faced Judge Walter Heinrich, after she was accused of taking a wooden and metal spatula to her 12 year old, trying to choke him, and beating him badly enough to leave marks on his body, all because he got an F on a report card.

Andrea Davis, a Tampa police spokesperson said they heard from the boy's dad. "The boy's father picked him up from an after-school program and noticed he wasn't wearing his glasses. The child told him they were broken after he was hit. Police went to the suspect's home and found evidence of abuse, and also found it was over a [bad] grade."

Vazquez showed no emotion in court as Judge Walter Heinrich ordered no contact with her child.

Her neighbors, John and Ashley Cancel aren't surprised. John Cancel said, "We heard yelling from the house all the time. She raised her voice to those kids quite a bit."

But the couple is troubled by the allegation. Ashley Cancel said, "We have a 17-year old and 12-year old. We are strict on them and will take away their video games or whatever over a bad grade, but never hit them -- especially so hard they have bruises."

This is not 35-year-old Vazquez's first arrest. According to Tampa police she was arrested in 1999 for domestic violence.

This current arrest may be just the beginning of larger problems for her. Judge Heinrich informed her, "Your major problem is that immigration put a hold on you, and you will be deported once this case is over."

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