More than 160 fireworks have been confiscated already at airport checkpoints in Tampa Bay

It's a reminder you'd think most people wouldn't need. But going into the Fourth of July weekend, the TSA is working hard to make sure travelers leave their fireworks behind. 
"It's amazing what they confiscate," said Tampa International Airport spokeswoman Emily Nipps.
A photo released by the TSA shows just a sample of the fireworks found at checkpoints across the country. But the bay area isn't much better. 
"Just this year, since the first of January, we've had over 160 items actually confiscated," said Lee Kair, the Federal Security Director for the Greater Tampa Bay area. 
Oftentimes, airport officials say it just slips travelers' minds. 
"People tend to forget when they carry things on the plane what they actually have, what they have in their pockets, what they have put in their backpacks," Nipps said.
But if you do forget, Langley will be happy to point it out. She's Tampa International's explosives detection canine. You'll see her smelling travelers bags as they approach the checkpoint.
However, if for some reason her nose isn't up to snuff, the TSA machines usually are.
"Our equipment is designed to obviously detect that sort of thing, and our officers are very good at finding prohibited items," said Kair. 
And they expect to be put to the test some more heading into the holiday weekend.
"Hopefully passengers will think better of it, but we expect we'll see a few," said Kair.
Fireworks are considered explosive hazardous materials and are not allowed in either carry-on or checked bags. 
If you have any questions about what you can bring with you when you fly go to . They have a section on their homepage that lets you type in specific items you may have questions about. 
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