More bullets found on another Hillsborough County school bus

TAMPA - It's the second time in two days that Freedom High School freshman Nyasia McMillian heard the same announcement.

"They found a bullet on the bus," she said. "I don't even want to go to school."

According to Hillsborough County School Spokesman Steve Hegarty, students discovered two bullets on a bus that made stops at both Greco Middle School and Freedom High School on Tuesday morning.

"And I was really scared, because what if someone was threatening the buses or something and they're going to have a shoot-out like what happened to Connecticut?" said student Camila Rodriguez.

Police placed both schools on lockdown while they searched backpacks and questioned students. They never found any weapons.

"We're on edge. A lot of people are on edge this week because of what happened elsewhere," Hegarty said. "This is nothing unique to Hillsborough County. This is nationwide."

Security at Hillsborough County schools is heightened this week in light of the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Flags at the Hillsborough County School headquarters still fly at half-staff.

Monday morning, a student found a bullet on the bus, and a Wharton High School student later admitted he'd brought in in his pocket after finding it near his apartment complex. He told school officials it must have fallen out while he rode the bus.

Because of the frenzy it caused, Hegarty believes today's bullets may be a copycat prank. If they find that to be the case, disciplinary action could follow.

"Sadly, in the eyes of some students, it may very well be this may seem like an opportune time to do something that's unwise to try to get some attention.  I don't know that's what's happened here, but we suspect that might be what's happened," Hegarty said. "We would discourage kids from making jokes about something everyone's sensitive about right now."

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