Mom: School bus stop change not safe

"My frustration level is very high," said Tampa mother Jaime Austin. She's sick of her kids school bus stop being located at the intersection of Fletcher Ave. and Costal Key because it's a busy area. "I mean the kids could get hit by a car," she said. 
Austin told ABC Action News she's never had a problem in previous years with the bus stop being located near the intersection, at the traffic circle in front of her apartment complex.   
Austin said she received a letter home from the Hillsborough School District recently. "Basically it's a short statement saying the bus stop has been changed to Fletcher," she said. 
After several subsequent phone calls and in-person meetings with school officials, Austin said she was assured the bus stop would be moved back to the traffic circle. 
However, Austin shot cell video Thursday morning showing the pick up, once again, along Fletcher Avenue. "That's the problem, when this could be alleviated by the bus pulling in 300 feet," she said. 
A spokesperson with the school district told ABC Action News the Thursday morning pick up along Fletcher was a miscommunication, and that in the future, the bus would both pick up and drop off in the area of the traffic circle. 
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