Molly is a dangerous, more pure form of the popular drug Ecstasy

Two people recently died from taking Molly

TAMPA - Molly is becoming a popular drug among teens and adolescents.

Major Thomas Feeney of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office believes we need to be prepared.

"I think we see the lightning.  We hear the thunder. We know the storm is coming," he said.

And that storm is named Molly, short for molecule.  

"Molly is MDMA.  Molly is ecstasy, as it's been known before.  And it's supposed to be a purer for of MDMA.  But the reality of it is we don't know what's in it.  No one knows what's in it when they're taking it," said Robin Piper, CEO of Turning Point of Tampa.

Deputies say the drug is becoming popular with teens and young adults because dealers are promising Molly will get them high but they won't get hooked.

"They're being told that there's no potential for addiction, that it's a safe drug," said Feeney.

That was not the case for two people who died at a music festival in New York after taking Molly. So is the drug with a hot new popular name in our area?

"It's absolutely here in Tampa Bay.  There's no question that teenagers, young, adolescents are using this drug every day; every weekend at parties, at clubs," Piper said.

One woman who didn't want to be identified admitted she's tried Molly, and didn't like the results

"Anytime anybody asks me, 'Have you ever used it?', that's exactly what I say.  I thought I was dying," she recalled.

Mainstream stars like Madonna, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus have made references to Molly in their performances.

Local law enforcement wants to make parents and young people aware of the dangers of Molly.

"We're being very proactive when it comes to this drug because we know what the adverse affects are. And we know that long term it's going to have a very, very detrimental affect on the people that use it. We're just trying to stem the flow in the Tampa Bay area," Feeney explained.


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