Microbursts knock down tree limbs in South Tampa

Heavy storms Sunday topple oak limbs onto home

There are two kinds of neighbors.
The kind who wave hello and the ones like Joe Nettles, who believe hands are meant to help.
His friend, Matthew Manzari, who has lived in his South Tampa home for nearly 50 years, said a storm arrived Sunday that caught the neighborhood off guard.
"I was in the kitchen, and I heard, ‘Bam!’” Manzari said.
On a fixed income he got rid of his homeowner’s insurance, which puts him in a tight spot after the damaging storm.
Sunday’s storm is the worst Manzari can remember hitting his neighborhood. A huge oak limb crushed his eaves, poked holes in his roof and wrecked his brick chimney.
The National Weather Service in Ruskin said it received reports of more than 60 mph winds — microbursts in the area of MacDill Air Force base.
NWS Meterologist Mike Gittinger told ABC Action News localized intense winds were brought on by a combination of temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and high moisture.
"It was just one of those quick thunderstorms [that] came up, lightening,” said South Tampa homeowner Clover Settles.
High winds made a mess of some streets like Himes Avenue at San Juan where limbs weighed on power lines.
The tree on top of one home may take more chainsaw and good neighbors to get rid of it.
"I'm going to do what I can do,” said Nettles. “Oh, Lord, I could always use extra help."
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