Michael Lohan gets no sympathy from judge

TAMPA - In a wheelchair and bruised, Michael Lohan gained no sympathy from a Hillsborough County Judge Saturday morning.

It's the second time in just one week Lohan has faced a judge.

The first, on Wednesday, was for beating and threatening his girlfriend Kate Major in her Tampa apartment. And on that day, Judge Walter Heinrich gave Lohan strict orders to stay away from her.

But, just hours after his release from jail, Tampa police say he violated that order---calling Major, his on again, off again girlfriend and one-time fiancee of two years. 

Lohan was thrown back into jail, but not before he threw himself off a balcony in an attempt to avoid police, hurting his foot in the process.

The arrest was caught on camera by TMZ, a media based organization.

Saturday, Lohan tried to convince the judge the situation was not what it seemed, claiming he never spoke to Major and that she called his assistant seeking help.

Major, who was in court Saturday, didn't hide her emotions as she refuted Lohan's claim. Judge Denise Pomponio didn't need convincing.

"It doesn't matter if she called you a hundred times after you got out of jail -- Heinrich doesn't have a court order on her, he has one on you," the judge said.

Lohan's attorney, Michael Perry, unsuccessfully argued for Lohan's freedom-even pointing to Major as the instigator.

The judge quashed Perry's questioning and also refused to listen to what he called excuses.

Perry said Lohan needed to get out of jail for three very specific reasons: a taping for the Dr. Drew Show, a commitment to a boxing match and the most important, standing by his famous daughter Lindsay's side -- as she goes before a judge for violating her probation.

"The bottom line is, no bond," the judge said. 

"I am thrilled I can sleep at night knowing that he is in jail," Major said as she walked out of the courtroom.

No word on when Lohan will get out of jail. 

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