State rests in Richard McTear murder case

Prosecutors in the Richard McTear murder trial rested their case late Monday afternoon. The defense will present its case beginning Tuesday morning.
Prosecutors revealed new DNA evidence on their final day of testimony.
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McTear is accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend’s baby from a car on I-275 in Tampa.
On the witness stand, an oral surgeon testified that he believes bite marks on the baby, Emmanuel Murray, came from McTear.
Prosecutors also argued that blood found on shorts McTear was wearing at the time of his arrest came from the 3-month-old child.
An FDLE crime lab analyst said she found the DNA of the baby's mother on a T-shirt McTear was wearing. She also said the mother's DNA was found under the fingernails on McTear's right hand.
This is McTear’s second trial. His first ended in a mistrial.
Testimony is expected to wrap up by Wednesday.
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