Love takes over when production chief proposes marriage on center stage at the RNC

TAMPA - The monitor wall on the stage at the Republican National Convention had a surprise message Wednesday morning: "Will you marry me?"

Members of the media were milling about waiting for next big name to turn up when the focus suddenly shifted to the giant wooden platform at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

Some guy was on his knee proposing marriage.  Dozens of cameras suddenly clicked and rolled.

She said yes!

When it was over, the couple walked off stage and disappeared.

Who was that? No one seemed to know.

Under questioning, a nice lady who appeared to be the stage manager didn't seem to know either.  So she went to find out.

Bradley Thompson and Laura Bowman, as it turned out.  He's the production manager for the RNC and she's a production coordinator.

Said the media: We'd sure like to talk with them!

A few minutes later, the couple reappeared. This time in front of the stage facing a genuine gaggle of reporters and photographers.

Turns out Bradley, 32, got her on stage under the guise of a technical issue.

"I thought something was fishy when he said there was a sound problem.  But there never is," said 28-year-old Laura.

Why use the stage? "I thought it would be cute," said Bradley.

The two met in New York and have been an item for about three years.  The two were all smiles and giggles as the reporters struggled to come up with probing questions.

How did Bradley convince his boss to let him use the high-profile stage? "You're talking to him," Bradley said.

There's no word on whether Mitt Romney will attend the upcoming wedding. Date to be announced.

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