Local vet group issues bufo toad warning

TAMPA - A local veterinary group says the recent heavy rains could cause a spike in bufo marinus toad toxicity to pets during the next few days. The toads usually come out after a period of heavy rains.

Typically, a dog will lick or pick up one of the oversized toxic toads in its mouth, according to a release from BluePearl Veterinary Partners.  When disturbed, the bufo toad secretes a poison which can cause seizures or even death.

"Seeking veterinary care immediately is imperative," BluePearl Media Relations Manager James Judge wrote in the release, adding that a case of bufo poisoning turned up Thursday morning.

In 2012, poison from a bufo killed a family dog in Temple Terrace. In 2011, a 2-year-old poodle died after picking up a bufo, according to the Lakeland Ledger .

The bufo is not native to the U.S.

According to the Florida Wildlife Extension, it was originally released into South Florida sugar cane fields to help control white grubs.

To learn more, click here or follow this link: http://bit.ly/b0mkWQ

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