Local hair stylist heads to Miss America Pageant to create wig for current beauty queen

Local Hair stylist created wig for Miss America

The current Miss America who will surrender her crown partially credits her victory  to a small bay area business owner.

Bobbi Russell perfects hair for clients with luxurious manes,to women who have lost their hair to diseases or damage, like Miss America winner Teresa Scanlan.

It's what she's done for the past 25 years. Her clients, like Cherry Costa, can't stop raving.

"I can't wait to get to Hair Therapy for my appointments," said Costa.

But Russell offers more than just a great hair style, she's giving her clients hope.

"You just don't like to look at yourself," said Costa.

Costa's been sick suffering from chronic back pain and neck injuries.

"Every surgery I have had, which I have had 10 or more,  your hair falls out because of the medicine they have to provide for you," explained Costa.

What started as a business for hair extensions has evolved into wigs made from human hair.

They are created by Russell and available at her salon Hair Therapy for Women on Dale Mabry Highway.

"They are one hundred percent natural human hair," said Russell. "I think hair needs to look like hair and so many wigs don't."

Russell was by the beauty queen's side when she was crowned Miss America and her crowning glory, her hair, was created, by Hair Therapy for Women.

"When you are in the competing circuit your hair goes through a lot of damage a lot of highlighting and straightening," Russell explained. "Basically someone over processed her hair about three months before the competition. She only had three inches of hair left."

Scanlan heard about Russell  through another contestant. Kayla Martell, Miss Delaware, who suffers from Alopecia.  An autoimmune disease, where your hair falls out. In some cases like Martell's leaving you bald.

"If you lose your hair, the right wig can help. It can look so real and so beautiful and it can change your life," Russell said.

And knowing it can, Russell tries to make a difference. Not just for the beauty queens and her paying clients but women who need a lift and may not be able to do it on their own.

"Some are stressed out. They don't have the money," said Russell.  

So a few months ago, she gave away more than 100 wigs at recent charity event she hosted.

"I feel a lot of them suffer from this, many women may have cancer or whatever the reason and they don't have the funds to buy really good hair. I had my hands on a lot of really good pieces and as a small business owner I wanted to reach out to all the women who give to me everyday," said Russell.

In the meantime, beauty contestant or not, Russell's wigs leave clients like Costa feeling like they are the biggest winner of all.

"I walk out of here like I am a queen!" Costa said smiling.

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