Local chef Kim Bailey and his restaurant will feed hundreds, big names during RNC convention

Bailey's Restaurant and Catering preparing menus

TAMPA - Good food travels by word of mouth.

And when that news travels, good things come around to the kitchens and chefs who cook it.

"I think I got the main stuff from my mom.  My mom was a great cook.  My dad, while he wasn't a great cook, he was an enthusiastic eater," said Kim Bailey, Owner of Bailey's Restaurant.

Bailey grew up here.  Soon he'll be catering meals for hundreds from all over the country and he's counting on his hometown to help. www.BaileyCatering.com

"We're going to need about 120 people to service all that so we've contacted some schools -- both culinary academies -- and gotten their chefs involved as well as students involved," he said.

The Republican National Convention will keep Bailey's busy. The Davis Islands restaurant and catering service will feed 500 people, 24 hours a day, for two weeks.  They will also welcome convention delegates, some from Wyoming, for private parties and more.

Some of those home-cooked meals will be served at the Tampa Bay Times Forum during the convention, but Bailey's is also catering one of the biggest parties that week.

"We're doing the Republican Governors and the Attorney Generals across the country," he said.   

Bailey's will only open to locals on summer Sundays to get the menu ready.  They are usually open from Wednesday through Sunday.

"When I think of Florida, I think of Key West pink shrimp.  I think of Apalachicola oysters.  I think of all different kinds of really good delicacies," he said.

Florida fare that's sure to make an impression on those from out of town -- that's how word travels.

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