Listen in as locals share thoughts about President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney before the debate

TAMPA - A new ABC News-Washington Post poll has President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 49 to 47 percent among likely voters.

But anyone who follows polls will tell you how a question is worded can influence the results. So I stopped at a restaurant, Pop and Son's Diner on Dale Mabry, dropped down a microphone, and I did not ask any questions, and just listened. Here are some of the things I overheard.

Joe Patrinostro and Gary Nolen had AN exchange, with Gary saying, "Romney said 47% of the people, you know, he can't do nothing about. That offends people, but he's probably right."

Ernest and Ann Roberts debated the economy:  Ernest - "Mr Obama, he's dragging his feet and he don't want the economy to get better."  Ann - "I don't know about that, but I think we need some answers.  I'd like to hear a plan. How to get more jobs. How they're going to come up with more jobs or how they are going to help people get off food stamps, and make it a better place."

Tom Walker would express his angst to a friend, "We need to cut back on the spending and lower the tax rate. And i'm not talking the millionaires. I'm talking about the middle-class people. They need to have a break."

But the main thing I over heard at each table was they wanted specifics from tonight's debate. Politicians are great in talking in vague generalities and pretty much to a person, they were looking to turn off the debate with answers and not more questions.

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