Lawrence Dickey guilty of beating wife with baseball bat

Dickey accused of beating wife with baseball bat

TAMPA - The man accused of beating his wife to death with a baseball bat was found guilty Wednesday. 

Lawrence Dickey told the court he does not remember beating his wife, Beatrice, but did not dispute that it happened.

While on the stand, Lawrence said he and his wife got into an argument while at a concert that night in Tampa. Part of the fight was over him drinking too much.

"What is the first recollection you have after you arrived at home?" He was asked during direct questioning.

"I was standing over the edge of my bead, and she was laying there and blood was coming out of her head and my softball bat was laying next to her," he said.

Moments later he drove to the Plant City Police Department and turned himself in.

"He walked up to me and said Dennis lock me up, I just beat my wife with a bat and she's hurt really bad," said Officer Dennis Pawlowski.

Prosecutors say Lawrence beat his wife, Beatrice, with an aluminum baseball bat, killing her. The attack happened in September, 2011 at their Plant City home.

Beatrice "Bea" Dickey was a high-ranking civilian employee at the Polk County Sheriff's Office. She handled the department's business affairs.

Lawrence will be sentenced January 25.  He could get life in prison.

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