Large chunks of concrete shatter Tampa bus windows

Concrete damages HART buses in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. - Tampa Police have increased patrols in an East Tampa neighborhood where buses and cars have recently been attacked with large rocks.

Video taken from HART buses shows concrete chunks exploding through windows and doors. According to HART, in the past three weeks there have been eight separate incidents, all captured by cameras.

HART officials say it occurs on the same stretch of road, Melburne Boulevard between 40th and 50th streets.

Tampa Police believes a group of teenagers are responsible. A detective told ABC Action News that police believe the same group is behind at least four other attacks on personal vehicles in the neighborhood.

Wesley Cureton, a bus rider, told us he's worried the flying concrete could lead to more than a broken window.

"Hit the driver, and wreck the bus," he said. "Everybody get hurt."

HART officials fear that actually may not be that far off. Monday night a stone shattered the front windshield of a bus.

"I don't understand people these days. I really don't," said Aaron Smith, another bus rider.

So far no one has been injured.

But the incidents have HART so concerned that Tuesday they stopped running buses on Melburne Boulevard, but because so many people use that route, the organization changed its mind and started running buses again Wednesday.

But that doesn't mean they are throwing their hands up. According to Sandra Morrison, HART has extra supervisors watching that stretch of road.

"Our main objective right now is tracking down these suspects before their reckless behavior causes someone to get hurt," said TPD spokesperson Janelle McGregor.


TPD is asking the community to come forward if they see anything suspicious. 

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