Joshua Hakken ruled competent to stand trial along with wife Sharyn in kidnapping case

Joshua Hakken, accused along with his wife of kidnapping their sons, is competent to stand trial, according to three doctors who examined him.
Their findings were revealed in a Hillsborough County courtroom Thursday morning.
Hakken and his wife, Sharyn, are scheduled to go on trial in October.
Last March, the state, which had earlier agreed to a ruling that Joshua Hakken was not fit to stand trial, said the USF-educated engineer, whose delusions about the federal government allegedly led to the kidnapping in the first place, might be faking his insanity.    
During a hearing to determine where Hakken would be sent for for treatment, Assistant State Attorney Rita Peters told Circuit Judge Chet Tharpe she could not abide by the earlier agreement.
"The state has been made aware of information and we're currently in the process of burning that for defense counsel that might indicate that Mr. Hakken is feigning his insanity," she said. "And has been planning that to avoid a prison sentence."
Doctors concluded in January that Hakken wasn’t fit to stand trial on charges that he and his wife, Sharyn, fled to Cuba with their two young sons in April.
Authorities said the Hakkens kidnapped their two young sons from Sharyn Hakken’s parents in North Tampa in the spring of 2013 after they lost custody following run-ins with police in Louisiana.
The Hakkens sailed out of Madeira Beach to Cuba. They were later sent back to Tampa to face charges.
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