Johntea Williams is pleading with the driver who hit and killed her son to come forward

TAMPA - Johntea Williams voice is scratchy.  Her eyes bloodshot.  The mother barely has a voice.  She says she has spent the last 24 hours crying and screaming over her son's death.

"I just want my son back," said Wiliams in a sit-down interview with ABC Action News Tuesday.

Williams just got out of the hospital.  She had to be Baker Acted after hearing the news that her son, Marterrance Albury, was hit by a green or black Ford Expedition Sunday night around 10 p.m. and left in the southbound lanes of North Florida Avenue to die.

Surveillance video caught the SUV on camera but so far the driver has not come forward.

"I can't hold him no more," Williams said.

The 36-year-old mother went out with a friend Sunday night and left her 17-year-old son in charge of Marterrance.  At some point, the teen lost track of his little brother and ended up approaching police on scene and told them he could not find his little brother.

The little boy's brother, Sam, was at home but did not want to talk with media.  All he would say is that his brother's death was his fault.  He also found comfort in the arms of his grandmother.

"I do [love him] and I know that me crying ain't going to bring him back.  I just want the person that did or who know who did, just please, please call in," Williams begged.

Williams shared videos of her son playing and one video of him handing his mother a rose.  As she watched the videos with ABC Action News, Williams wept and repeatedly asked for a moment alone.

Marterrance was to start school next month.

"I bought him school clothes and stuff like that.  He'd point at them and say, 'School! School! School! School!'  He was so eager to go to school and now he can't even go," Williams said between sobs.

Williams described her son as a loving boy who was intrigued by buses and would do anything to get his hands on a piece of candy.  She explained that whenever she was sick, her son would ask where she hurt and then kiss that area.

"Right now, I feel my heart is hurting and he's already kissed it," she said.

Williams told ABC Action News she is relying on prayer to get her through this tough time.  She explained that her other son is inconsolable.

"He has a lot of hate and animosity for this person [responsible]," she explained.

Williams says the only thing that is bringing her comfort now is knowing that her baby is with God.

"God needed him for some reason," she said.

Williams began to smile and let out a small laugh when she thought about how her son would be "working" on Jesus to give him candy.

The family plans to make funeral arrangements today at Ray Williams Funeral Home on North Howard in Tampa.

They have also made fliers with Marterrance's picture on them and plan to hand them out Wednesday near the accident scene. 

Stayed tuned to ABC Action News for updates and to see the videos @ 5 p.m.

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