John Stanton, known to some as the 'Deadbeat Millionaire' on trial for tax evasion

Federal Government claims Stanton owes $37 million

TAMPA - Jury selection began Monday in Tampa in the Federal tax evasion case against John Stanton. He picked up the moniker "Deadbeat Millionaire" when he was ordered to jail for failing to pay nearly $10 million in child support.

Shortly after that sentence was handed down, Stanton took off and was on the run for nine months until he was caught at a hotel in Orlando last September.

Stanton now finds himself on trial, not on a family matter, but a government matter.

The government claims Stanton made hundreds of millions as the co-founder of a Tampa Bay area company that manufactured prefab concrete products. The government also claims that even with all that money he did not pay his taxes and he owes them close to $37 million.

For his part, through an attorney, he has indicated that he does not have that kind of cash. But the government has a hard time believing that because when Stanton filed for bankruptcy at one point, his assets were estimated to be worth anywhere from $100 million to $500 million.

Jury selection is expected to go the balance of Monday, with both the defense and prosecution wrapping up their case in a week, at which point it will be up to the jurors to do their own figuring to determine what if anything ads up in this case.

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