Jennifer Coker only knows her mother met her father at the Imperial Club Lounge in Tampa in 1980

Jennifer Coker, a married mother of three, knows how important it is for children to know their father.
The 32-year-old never got that opportunity. She’s now searching for her father on Facebook.
"I just want to fill that void, that emptiness that I have," Coker said via Facetime from her home in Tifton, Ga.
Coker told ABC Action News she has searched for her father many times before and it has only ended in heartbreak.
She added that she turned to social media to find someone with more information than she has.
She knows so little about her biological father she could barely fill a poster board with the information. She posed with the poster board and posted the picture to her Facebook page last week.
Not sure what would happen, Coker said she was stunned to learn 34,000 people shared her story.
She remains cautiously optimistic.
"I may never know," she said.
Coker only knows that her mother met her father at the Imperial Club Lounge on North Armenia Avenue just south of Hillsborough Avenue in the summer of 1980. Her father was a drummer in a band and went by the name Bobby Yeager.
"I think that is short for Robert, so that is what I have been looking up," she said.
Coker is not sure if that is a stage name.
The lounge closed decades ago, leaving another dead end for Coker.
Coker's mother Lori, who is still alive, remembers very little. 
Lori was able to tell her daughter that her father had a Tweety Bird tattoo somewhere on his body and he traveled with his band mate and cousin, Mike Malarba. Coker cannot even be sure if she is spelling their names correctly.
"I am not out for anything other than just knowing who he is, seeing what he looks like," Coker said.
Coker said she also needs to fill in some blanks when it comes to family medical history. She recalled multiple times doctors asking her if a certain medical condition ran in the family and she was not able to answer.
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