It may take a plastic surgeon 20 operations to fix a "Fix-A-Flat" butt injection nightmare

TAMPA - The so-called "Fix-A-Flat" doctor may face more charges, according to the Broward County State Attorney's office, just as one of her alleged patients learns it may take dozens of operations to get her rear-end back to normal.

Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Bart Rademaker has practiced medicine for decades, but says he's never seen anything quite like what he saw Friday, when he examined the Tampa woman's backside.

"This area is completely solid. It's at least the size of my palm," he said. "No butt is supposed to be hard like this."

The woman lost her job in real estate and started exotic dancing. Silicone butt injections from Oneal Ron Morris, she says, were a professional investment, having heard that a bigger backside would boost business.

"I cannot sit for too long. I cannot stand for too long," she said. "I'm in so much pain."

Morris faces several charges for claiming to be a plastic surgeon's assistant, injecting women's backsides with cement and Fix-A-Flat in a Broward County motel room in 2009.

"I remember I used to call and tell my son, 'I'm going to die," the Tampa woman cried.

She trusted Morris because she was wearing a white coat and an ID that said "RN" on it. She says Morris told her the concoction consisted of 100% silicone. Months after the injections, the woman landed in a hospital room with pneumonia. When doctors tested fluid from her buttocks, she says results came back as bathroom caulk.

"Somebody who does this, in my opinion, that's criminal," Dr. Rademaker said. "That's just not right."

The woman may face as many as 20 operations to repair the damage. Uncharted territory, according to Dr. Rademaker, because reconstructive procedures like it are often avoided due to the danger for tissue, nerves, and blood supply.

"With a very high likelihood that it's also going to be deformed," Dr. Rademaker said.

The irony, the Tampa woman says, is that the whole point of the injections was a better look for a better life.

"I'm going to have scars that I'm going to live with the rest of my life," she said. "Knowing you might die any day."

Morris' next court appearance is set for June 29.

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