Insurance fraud crackdown in Hillsborough helps nab dozens of bogus car crashers

TAMPA - Staged crashes are getting out of control in the Bay area! And state officials say they want to help local authorities take action agains bogus insurance claims that cost local drivers millions of dollars each year!

Hillsborough county ranks third in the United States with more than 20-million dollars a year in bogus claims from fake accidents -- like the one caught on surveillance video by the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office that was shown to Governor Rick Scott, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater and other officials.

The Governor said that he is committed to helping stop the spread of such fraud... and spoke of ways to get a handle on what's become an out-of-control criminal enterprise.

"This is an area that is costing our citizens millions of dollars," said the Governor. "It's increasing," he lamented, "Even as the number of accidents in our state is going down, and the cost of automotive insurance is rapidly going up."

"If if we don't do something," he opined, "It will go up at 20% per year."

Governor Scott praised Hillsborough County for cracking down on staged crashes... But said more work needs to be done by lawmakers -- or the fraud will keep costing drivers in rising insurance rates.

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