Innocent families caught in Tampa shootout

TAMPA, Fla. - The sound caught Charles Pittard's attention as he watched TV on his couch at the Deerpath on the Lake Apartments in Tampa Monday night.

"I heard a pop, pop, pop," he said.

But then a strange sensation.

"I looked down and I could see that I was shot in the leg. It was a numb feeling at first but then it started to burn," Pillard said.

While in severe pain, Pillard knows he and his wife are lucky to be alive. She was sleeping in the next room when a bullet came flying through, leaving a hole  next to the bed.

Hillsborough County deputies said a group of five people – four men and a women – got into an argument outside the units, likely over drugs, when one of them opened fire.

"The bullet was just inches from my wife's head, " said Pillard.

The bullet then went through a CD cabinet in the living room where he sat.

"All it would've taken would be to go to an upward angle and it would've hit me in the chest," said Pillard.

The close call was not just felt by the Pittards.

Right next door a bullet hole was just inches from a 4-year-old’s bed. The only reason he wasn't sleeping there was because the family just dismantled it, preparing for a move.

Vincent Shack moved here from Arizona just two weeks ago. He and his wife were also watching TV. In the military for 22 years, he quickly realized it wasn't fireworks outside his door.

"My wife was hysterical. I was worried she would be in the crossfire. That is when I was like ‘Down!’

As soon as I said get down a bullet came to the window," said Shack.

It shattered their glass door and their TV but that's not the worst of it. A bullet also went through their 12-year-old daughter's mattress.

In what they call a huge blessing, their child was not home.

"Oh the angels were protecting us," said Pillard.

Hillsborough deputies said the area has not seen any type of increase in crime, so they don't plan on adding an extra patrol. But finding the people responsible is a priority.

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