Informant says DeeDee Moore asked for help in getting rid of lottery winner's body

Several secret recordings played on Tuesday

TAMPA BAY - Jurors heard explosive testimony in court on Tuesday in the DeeDee Moore murder trial. 

She's accused of killing lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare in 2009.

Greg Smith, the state's star witness, testified that Moore asked him to help get rid of Shakespeare's body who was found buried under her Plant City home.

"The plan was she wanted me to burn the body," he told the court.

The prosecution showed a diagram they say Moore made of her house. Smith said she used it to explain where he could find Shakespeare's body.

"Digging down three foot and in," he said she told him, "and I would see a white substance in the ground and once I get to the white substance in the ground, I would see the body."

In one of the recordings, DeeDee -- who at times, appeared frustrated in court Tuesday -- is heard trying to come up with a plan so no one would see Smith dig up the body.

She suggested building a tent or even a garage over the slab of concrete where he was buried.

"If there's a garage there, then they can't come in if they pull up," she said. "They'd have to have a search warrant to come in."

In order to get more incriminating evidence for investigators, prosecutors say Smith played along the whole time.

He says he ordered her to get him all the necessary supplies, like bleach, rope, and a trough for the body.

By the time deputies came to arrest her, all of those items were in place and ready to go.

The defense has already tried discrediting the Smith's testimony by saying he's a convicted felon who owed Shakespeare money. The claim he set up Moore to make it look like she's guilty.

Testimony continues Wednesday.

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