Increase in concealed carry permit-holders opens market for creative gun clothing, accessories

TAMPA - Applications for concealed carry permits in Florida have doubled over the last 6 years, and those permit holders don't want to stand out, igniting an explosion in firearm fashion.

The Flashbang Bra is one example. It allows a gun owner to reach under her shirt and grip her gun, point and fire within 1.5 seconds.

It also keeps anyone from ever knowing she has a gun.

"They just want to fit in," said LEO Gear owner Craig Berberich.

Tactical gear used to look like military-style vests with obvious pockets.  Gun-toters might as well wear a sign that says, "Hey, I'm wearing a gun, too."

Compare that to Woolrich's new men's button-down.

"Pull the zipper down and you have access to an internal pocket which gives you access to your weapon," Berberich explained. "It gives you an advantage should something bad happen."

The advantage gets even more secret if concealed carry permit owners never have to show a gun at all.

Bill Jackson's sells holster-ready purses.

"If she was walking from the mall to her car in an unlit parking lot at night, there's no need to draw. With a revolver, you can just shoot through the purse if need be," said Bill Jackson's Gun Shop assistant manager
Michael Sfakianos.  "In a defensive situation, things happen in nanoseconds.  Real quick.  So, the faster you can get at the fire arm to protect yourself, the better."

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