How to prepare for Black Friday shopping

TAMPA - Shopping on Black Friday takes bravery, preparation and knowledge.  

"3-D TV and IP TV and LED TV and LCD TV, and Plasma and P-TV,  there's so many acronyms, right?" laughed John Kominsky, the general manager of the hhgregg in Clearwater.

Navigating the endless choices of products takes some planning and forethought.

"People know more than they used to. But with all the technology, there's a lot of confusion," said Kominsky.

Becoming a more informed and organized shopper can make a world of difference.

Kominsky explained the philosophy behind being an informed shopper.

"Because that's really what it's about is it's about finding the right product for the customer, and making sure the customer goes home with the right product the first time and they're happy with it," said Kominsky.

Remember, do your research.  Check prices online and realize the best deals may be on the internet, and they may be before black friday.

Don't be fooled by pre-black friday sales.  Some are just gimmicks.

Do check store price-matching policies ahead of time. And make sure to ask if the policy is the same for black friday sales.

Don't be fooled by large percentages off.  Stores know people go wild for deep discounts.  Again, do your homework and compare the bottom line price.

If you don't want to fight the crowds and you're not tied into one of those limited quantity doorbuster items,  there are ways to save money and still get the item that you want."
Lynn Taber of Palm Harbor doesn't want to lose a night's sleep.  So today, she's buying the same TV at the same sale price that she would have paid on black friday.
"At least I can get my sleep.  I don't have to deal with the crowds.  And usually, when you walk out with something it's not what you wanted, it's just what you took because everybody was running for it.  In this case, I get my own pick.  I pick what I want and I don't have to deal with any crowd," said Taber.

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