Homeless woman accused of breaching MacDill AFB 4 times

An arrest warrant has been issued for Suzanne Jensen, a homeless woman suspected of breaching the perimeter of MacDill Air Force Base at least four times.  
"She's obviously very clever and has had enough experience with bases to know what some of the vulnerabilities are," said Tampa-based Critical Intervention Services security expert Craig Gundry. 
Charging documents filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office in June state that in October of last year, Jensen hid on Barney Morris's boat. 
Morris runs a charter business and docks his boat at MacDill marina.  Morris told ABC Action News by phone that Jensen plunged into the water and hid in nearby woods once discovered on his boat.
Morris said Jensen explained herself as such, "[that] she works with the intelligence division, just rambling really long, but she was very calm." 
Charging documents also state that Jensen was spotted at a gym on base with a stolen military identification card in November of last year.  She explained to officers that she'd used a trash can to prop herself up and over the walls at MacDill to gain access to the base. 
In another 2012 incident, charging documents reveal Jensen lived on the base for eight days straight while staying at a family camp area. 
MacDill provided the following statement to ABC Action News: "All incidents are reviewed for security purposes and steps have been taken to eliminate each of the breaches that occurred." 
"Keep in mind, just someone getting in by itself is not a big deal, unless they were able to get in and access assets in that facility where they could cause harm," said Gundry. 
Charging documents do not indicate that Jensen tried to gain access to any sensitive areas once on base.
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