Holiday travel rush running smoothly at Tampa International Airport

AAA expects busiest season in recent years

TAMPA - Millions of people are making their way to their holiday destinations.

AAA says over the last five years, it has seen an increase in the number of people traveling for the holidays.

They expect this year to be the busiest.

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Joel Waller is in the United States Air Force and on leave from tech school in Virginia.

He is one of the estimated 94.5 million Americans traveling this year.

"It's nice. It's real nice, you know just being able to get home and just being able to spend Christmas and New Years," Waller said.

AAA says the number of travelers is up for the fifth consecutive year.

"This particular year there's one more day in this holiday weekend. The holiday season is measured as about 12 days. Last year it was 11 days," said AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins.

Jenkins says the majority of holiday travelers will drive.

"Right now gas prices are about he same as they were last year," Jenkins said.

But, air travel is expected to decrease slightly from last season. Still, AAA expects 5.5 million people to fly

Gerald Rameau flew into Tampa from New York on Monday. His main concern was the weather.

"It was raining this morning in New York, so it's better than snowing. Usually that results in major delays," Rameau said.

He said his experience has been largely stress free and hopes for the same on his trip home.

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