Give Day Tampa Bay underway: Become a philanthropist by donating $25 or more

TAMPA - A grassroots campaign is spreading across Tampa Bay called Give Day Tampa Bay. It's designed to make the area a better place to live.

"We're just asking after you make your initial gift, go one step further and share that you made your gift. Maybe share your favorite nonprofit with your friends and give them something to look into so they can plug into the community," said Jocelyn Carpenter with Give Day Tampa Bay.

Twenty-five dollars -- that's what they're asking you to give to make Tampa Bay better.

"That's really the message we're trying to send -- that you don't need to be a millionaire to be a philanthropist. Every gift matters," said Jocelyn Carpenter with Give Day Tampa Bay.

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"We believe in our generation. We believe that if we reach them with the ask, if we let them know that their gift is relevant, if we engage the not-for-profits and tell them that the next face, the next generation of philanthropy is ready to get involved, that we can pull this off," said Jamie Songy of Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County.

Songy represents one of more than 380 nonprofits signed up for Give Day Tampa Bay.

The 24 hour online philanthropy drive takes place on May 6 and leverages social media to raise funds.

"Put $25 toward a cause that you believe in and see what we can do together and it's like voting, just voting with cash, what do you care about, what's important, what changes would you like to see in the community," said Songy. is reaching out to young professionals who may not have written a check for charity in the past.

The website makes it easy to give using a credit card.

In October, Miami non-profits raised $3.2 million.  

Tampa Bay is hoping to beat that number through your generosity.

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