Four-star scandal makes Bayshore Boulevard home a tourist attraction

Jill Kelley's Tampa home draws dozens

TAMPA - "Oh my goodness. Are you kidding? I said, I got to see this. I got to see it," said Ginette Brazile.

Bayshore Boulevard is four and a half miles long.

"We saw this spectacle here and we decided to stop and get a picture of it for prosperity," said retired U.S. Army Colonel Frances Rice who stopped by on her way to MacDill Air Force Base.

But the brick house, in the 1000 block, is Tampa's newest tourist attraction.

"It's like the TV show. It's like The Real Housewives of Tampa," said Nancy Brodt.

So-called socialite Jill Kelley and her million-dollar digs drew a potpourri of people who paused to take pictures all day long.

"We came over to eat lunch at the Colonnade and thought we'd come and see the house and see all you," said Nancy Brodt.

The media gaggle perched outside Kelley's garage only seems to be expanding, just like the four-star national scandal involving top Generals, secret emails and a shirtless FBI agent.

"This is news because Generals don't do these things, supposedly, and they've done it," said Fred Brodt.

So take note, Tampa, if curiosity gets the best of you.

"We're interested. We want to know," said Brazile.

Traffic's flowing a little slower at Delaware and Bayshore Boulevard -- for now.

"When I see four satellite trucks parked next to the house and you know, it looks like 20 guys with cameras, it means that this story has legs," said Peter Rice.

But there's no telling how long the photo-op will last.

"I don't know where she's going from here. It's only down. It should be interesting. I would think the producers are coming for her movie deal real soon. That's what's she's hoping for," said Nancy Brodt.

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