Florida DNC delegates call Charlotte good host

Florida DNC Delegation happy with Charlotte hotel

TAMPA - Charlotte has been knocked as a host city.  Reuters News Service called it a second-tier city.  Democrats criticized it as 'not union enough.'  A petition to move the Democrat National Convention gathered 30,000 signatures.

But former Democratic United States Congressman Jim Davis and Florida DNC delegates like Alison Morano say the Queen City has welcomed them with open arms.

"The energy here is unreal, and I did not feel that in Tampa," said Morano.

Morano says the contrast between Tampa's and Charlotte's Conventions is noticeable.  Charlotte hosted ‘Carolina Fest'--  an open-air concert Monday featuring James Taylor.  Although it was washed out by rain, it was open to the public.

Most RNC concerts like Journey who played at Liberty Plaza were private events.

"The weather is nicer for us Floridians.  It's only the low 80's and the humidity isn't sky-high so this is a convention where you can walk around," said Davis.

Florida delegates at Tampa's RNC were miffed over a remote hotel assignment at Innisbrook Golf Resort and the buses forgot to pick up them up, making them late to the floor.  So far, Florida DNC delegates say they've been happy with their accommodations.

"We are right downtown -- we are two feet from everything.  We can walk everywhere.  We're at the Marriott.  It's a great hotel," said Morano.

The President barely took North Carolina in 2008 and this DNC is the first held in the Deep South since 1988.

Though the state overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage, Democrats have pledged marriage equality will be a convention platform.

Still, North Carolina leans Republican in recent Presidential polls.

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