Fire crews say space heater caused fire at family's home

TAMPA - A family of eight awoke just before 8 a.m. Sunday to the sound a fire tearing through their home. The house is located on East 26th Avenue. The family consists of three adults and five children ranging in ages from four to 15.

"I just saw a blaze of fire coming out of his room and I just started yelling for everybody to come out of the house," A tearful Kimberly Davis told ABC Action News. She's the mother of four of the children who lived at the house.

According to Lt. Chad Davis with Tampa Fire Rescue, the fire started in the front bedroom and quickly spread to the living room. "The investigators on scene believe the source of the fire it to be an electrical space heater that was placed a  little too close to some combustible materials in the bedroom," Lt. Davis continued.

Sadly this fire serves as a reminder of what can happen if you are not careful when using space heaters and the dangers they pose. If you must use a space heater inside you home Lieutenant Davis has some advice. "Don't leave them unattended. If you're not in the room turn them off. Make sure they're no where near anything that's combustible."

That advice may be to late for Kimberly Lewis and her family. "We are at a total loss, everything in the house is a total loss," she told us as tears rolled down her face.

The Red Cross is putting the family up in a hotel for three days as they try to figure out what to do next.



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