Final preps complete along Bayshore for Gasparilla Children's Parade

TAMPA, Fla. - Busy Bayshore Boulevard will be shut down and turned into a parade rout Saturday. Friday night, the final pieces were put in place as vendors geared up for the expected crowds.

"It takes probably a week to set up everything," said James Kern, one of many food vendors set up along Bayshore.

Late Friday, Kern he was still getting things ready. "Tonight we have to make up a bunch of candy," Kerns said.

Kern spun and packaged more than 600 sugar filled treats to kick off Gasparilla.

Saturday he'll be back out early and expects to make thousands more.

"It's a huge event," said Darrell Stefany.

Stefany is the president of Event Fest, the company that helps organize all the logistics for Gasparilla.

He said there are 4,000 trash cans along the parade route, hundreds of portable toilets and thousands of feet of fencing in place.

"It's something that we've grown up with, it is Tampa, it is what we do. we love pirates around here. We always have," Stefany said.

They will begin closing Bayshore around 4 a.m. Saturday.

Click the link for more information on the parade route and street closures .

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